Zingone Rentals has a beautifully furnished vacation home for rent in Kissimmee, Florida. Only 4 miles from Disney World, the home is 2000 square feet, and sleep 8 people, with 2 baths and a pool & hot-tub. For booking assistance, call Marco Zingone at 1-(516)-606-7622

Your Perfect Vacation Rental Awaits In Kissimmee Florida.

Dates Stayed: 10/07/2023 - 10/21/2023
Name: Shane Mallon,
"We have holiday'd at Marco's villa twice now and have booked a third stay. The location is fantastic, close to a great variety of restaurants, shops, outlets and of course the theme parks. The Disney parks are less than a 10 min drive away. The villa is great too, always immaculate when we arrive. It is spacious, homely, and has a super pool. My family and I love going to Florida and we would now only stay at Marco's villa, I highly recommend it, 5 stars."

Kissimmee, FL Vacation Rental
Property #1: (3 BR, 2 BATHS)
4 Minutes From Disney World
and Mystic Dunes Golf Club
Minimum Stay: 7 nights

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3BR-2BATHS3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2000sf, (Sleeps 8) This home has a stunning pool & hot-tub. (Click for full description & photos)
Dates Already Booked For Rental #1 
Name 	Arriving Departing  PoolHeat
Ryan	APR 27 - MAY 11,2024 No  PH
Wendy	MAY 15 - MAY 29,2024 Yes PH 
David	JUN 22 - JUL 06,2024 No  PH
Taura	AUG 15 - AUG 29,2024 No  PH
Shane	SEP 09 - SEP 23,2024 Yes PH
Sean	OCT 03 - OCT 24,2024 Yes PH
Beth    JUL 23 - AUG 06,2025 No  PH

For availability call Call Property Manager, Marco Zingone1-516-606-7622.

Read The Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions Below.

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Have you read the Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions below?

See a printable pdf copy at http://zingonerentals.com/Terms-And-Conditions-2020.pdf

Rental Terms and Conditions – Dated: 04 JANUARY 2020

Please read these Rental Terms and Conditions carefully.


1. In the event that anything from the rental property is missing, broken or misused or any injury, accident or damage to guests or yourself(family included) occurs in this home during your stay,you agree to held personally liable.
2. The home owners has the right to charge your credit/debit card if anything from the property goes missing, damage or misused. If you refuse to pay for missing, damage or misused property youhereby consent and submit yourself to the jurisdiction of the Florida Court.
3. The rental property is self contained. You are responsible for food, paper goods, cleaning supplies and other necessities you require during your stay.
4. Trash pickup is on Monday. Trash must be in a sealed trash bag and placed at the end of the drive way for pick up. Trash must be removed from inside the home upon departure and placed in sealed trashbags. Please note that your credit card/debit card will be charged, if we have to remove excessive trash after your departure.
5. If you spill something please clean it up. If you do not clean up your spill and as result we have to remove the stain ourselves you credit/debit card will be charged.
6. We must have to ready the house for the next guest. All keys assigned must be returned back to the security lock box outside the door.You credit/debit card will be charged if keys are missing. You will be charged for late departure. There are no refund for early departure.
7. No smoking of any kind is permitted in the house. The owner and all following guests would appreciate you honoring their wishes by smoking outside. If you insist on smoking inside your credit/debit card will be charged for deodorizing the property.
8. No appliances are guaranteed. There will be no refunds on appliances, power, water, telephone, cable, toilets, pool heaters, pumps, A/C, or any item on the rental property due to breakdown. Thehouse is kept in good working order and any breakdown will be repaired during our normal business hours.
9. Please keep all doors and windows closed while the air conditioning is on. A/C can run 24 hours a day all year round. The A/C will shut down automatically when a door is left open for more than 5 minutes. It will restart when all doors are closed. Please keep the temperature set between 75 and 79 degrees. Air conditioners set below 75 will freeze up the unit. Your credit/debit card will be charged for any repair costs.
10. The home has occupancy for 8 guests. It is not to exceed the maximum allowable occupancy. Children over 2 years of age will be counted as one person. For your safety, maximum occupancy is strictly enforced. Renters defying the maximum amount of persons allowed will charged 20 USD extra per person per day.
11. Swim at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty. Children are to be supervised at all the time, no running diving, horse play and absolutely no glasses in the pool area! No yelling or screaming. Our community has a noise ordinance after 10pm. Under no circumstances a renter to adjust, turn or move any lever on the pool pump, heater or timer. You will be solely responsible for any damages that occur from adjusting any lever or any other apparatus attached to the pool equipment and your credit/debit card will be charged the appropriate amount to repair or replace the equipment/apparatus.
12. No re-arranging of furniture or bedding, if you disregard this request your credit/debit card will be charged in order to reposition all furniture to its correct place.
13. The home is equipped with an in house guide book that explains of appliances, blinds, garbage disposal unit, etc. It also as important phone number available for your use. If you have a question, please review this guide before contacting the home owner or the management company.
14.Do not disable any alarm on any window or door leading to the pool area. If any alarmsare tampered with, batteries missing or any type of misuse, your credit card/debit will be charged and you may face legal action.
15. Florida is in the tropics, we do have bugs. Do not leave food on the counter tops or in the pool area. Clean up all spills. Do not eat in the bedrooms. Do not leave wet, dirty clothes on the floor. Ignoring these instructions could result in the home becoming infested with bugs.
16. Please use your judgment before entering garage with any vehicle. Your credit/debit card will be charged for any damage caused as result of striking the home or its interior with your vehicle.
17. Do not wash personal item with any of the towels or linens in the house. Wash towels and linens separately. Do not iron on bedding, tables, counter tops or the floor. Use the ironing board provided. Do not leave excessive dirty towels departure. Your credit/debit card will be charged for excessive laundry (more than 3 loads of towel).
18. Inventory of all items has been taken and will be checked on departure. Stained, bleached or missing lines, towels, face clothes, hand towels, tea towels or dishcloths or any other item from the home will result in your credit/debit card to be charged.
19. Do not use any excess amount of toilet paper. Do not flush paper towels, feminine items or diapers down the toilet. There is plunger in the house if needed. If there is a problem, call the office immediately. If the maintenance staff determines the plugged toilet is a result of excess toilet paper or any of the do not flush items above, you will be charged a call fee to unplug the toilet.
20. Absolutely nothing is to be removed from this property at any time for any reason, no exceptions. By disregarding this request you will be charged.
21. No mobile home sleeping units or boats are permitted at the rental home. You mast park these vehicles at a proper storage unit.
21a. We (The management company and homeowner) Reserve the right to any repair necessary to keep the integrity of the property rentalinside, outside and roofing, with no exception when the property rental is occupied by renter.
22. Absolutely no parking on the lawn. Our home has an in ground irrigation system. Parking on thelawn can damage this system. If, through disregarding this request, damage is done to de irrigation system your credit/debit card will be charged.
23. The owner of this property and the management company are not responsible or liable to renters for any loss or theft of the renters personal property, rented property accident, injuryor damage, that may occur during your stay; nor are we responsible or liable to renters for any loss due weather conditions, road conditions or loss or recreational activities that may occur during you stay.
24. Please take care whilst bouncing ball in with the pool are as you may inadvertently tear, rip or damage the screen/netting or break the outside lights. You will be responsible for all the damages. Your credit cards/debit card will be charged for any damage to solar pool cover or roller, any and all other pool accessories including drain covers in pool area.
25.If the house is armed with a security system, and the alarm has been provided to you via the home owner or his management company, you must engage the security system when you are away from the home. If you fail to engage the security system when you are away from the home or on departure and the home is broken into and burgled, you will be responsiblefor any loss or damage.
26.Pets are forbidden.
27. Information regarding this home will be sent to you 10 days prior to your arrival provided full payment has been received.
28. You may cancel your reservation at any time, however if you cancel your reservation 60 days before your arrivalthere is NO REFUND.
29. The homeowner is allowed to do any repairin and around the house with no exception.
30. I acknowledge that the house I am renting is a transient facility and that my occupancy is permitted only in the status of a transient guest. I confirm that no permanent residence is planned by me or any other guest in my party, and I agree to arrive and depart on the dates stated on page 1 of the rental contract.
31. In Florida possession or use of fireworks is classified as a misdemeanor; no fireworks are to be used inside or around the home.
32. All cars must be parked in the driveway and not in the street.

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Your Perfect Vacation Rental Awaits In Kissimmee Florida.

For availability call Property Manager, Marco Zingone at Call Property Manager, Marco Zingone1-516-606-7622.